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The United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) is a research and training institute of United Nations University based in Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. The institute functions as a unique research centre and graduate school for around 100 PhD fellows and 140 Master’s students. It is also a UN think tank addressing a broad range of policy questions on science, innovation and democratic governance.

Press releases

Future of Industrial Work Conference: From Artificial Intelligence to...

UNIDO Headquarters, Vienna, Austria VIENNA, 19-20 September 2019 – Two United Nations agencies will join an international network of... read more

09.09.2019 • By United Nations University - MERIT

New $2 million UNU project launches in Kenya: Monitoring & evaluation of...

The United Nations University in the Netherlands (UNU-MERIT) is pleased to announce the signature of an agreement with the World Food Programme... read more

12.04.2019 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Almost 600 students from 11 global sites are set to compete in ‘Host...

The United Nations University institute in the Netherlands, UNU-MERIT, will host 43 graduate students in the 2019 NASPAA-Batten Student... read more

25.01.2019 • By United Nations University - MERIT

United Nations institute pilots carbon tax for staff air travel: Because...

MAASTRICHT – The UN’s research and training institute in the Netherlands, UNU-MERIT , has introduced a carbon ‘tax’ on air travel for its more... read more

09.01.2019 • By United Nations University - MERIT

WATSON Releases New Survey Questionnaire Aimed at SMEs

An opportunity to influence EU Policy plus the chance to win an Amazon Echo Spot! The WATSON project is now inviting innovative SMEs to take... read more

03.09.2018 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Studying the impact of R&D tax incentives on SME-led innovation: New EU...

Prof. Pierre Mohnen will lead UNU-MERIT's stake in WATSON -- a new 1 million euro innovation project. WATSON is a research project funded... read more

22.02.2018 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Book Launch: A Second Chance for Europe -- Economic, Political and Legal...

United Nations University-MERIT, Maastricht University Campus Brussels, and the City of Maastricht will hold a book launch event for the edited... read more

21.11.2017 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Amsterdam International Water Week: UNU partners honoured

Young entrepreneurs from ‘ Finish Society India’ and ‘Sidian Bank Kenya’ were honoured in this year’s ‘ Sarphati Sanitation Awards’, presented... read more

17.11.2017 • By United Nations University - MERIT

UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants: Six Critical Perspectives

As w orld leaders gather at UN HQ for a summit on refugees and migrants, 19 September 2016, the United Nations University Migration Network (... read more

19.09.2016 • By United Nations University - MERIT

UN University Launches 'Jargon Buster' App 2.0: Unscrambling More UN Jargon

Do you know the difference between a migrant, a refugee, and an internally displaced person (IDP)? Between a special political mission and a... read more

14.04.2016 • By United Nations University - MERIT

On the Frontlines of Climate Change: Migration in the Pacific Islands

PARIS, 2 DECEMBER 2015: At the COP21 Paris climate talks today, the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security... read more

02.12.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

UN University Launches ‘Jargon Buster’ App, Marking World Science Day...

What exactly do people mean by 'agrodiversity', 'formal remittances' and 'sustainable development'? Do leaders and scholars use similar concepts... read more

10.11.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

New Scholarship for Nigerian Fellows on Part-time PhD Programme in...

A new scholarship for Nigerian fellows under the age of 40 is now available for the 'Dual Career Training Programme to obtain a PhD in... read more

25.09.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

UN Sustainable Development Summit: 17 Days, 17 Goals Series

One week before the Sustainable Development Summit in New York, 25–27 September 2015 , the United Nations University presents the 17 days, 17... read more

18.09.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

The Mediterranean Crisis: An Open Letter to World Leaders

Prof. Parvati Nair, UNU-GCM : United Nations University in Barcelona A child should not have to die to mobilise goverments into credible... read more

08.09.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Swiss Migration Partnerships: A Model for Bilateral Cooperation?

Do migration partnerships improve policy and institutional coherence? Do they help countries to promote the positive effects that migration can... read more

16.07.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

ICT in Sudan: An Economic Analysis of Impact and Use in Universities

Technology can be a double-edged sword for emerging economies. In Sudan, information and communication technology (ICT) has proved an important... read more

31.03.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

New Global Fund Against Violent Extremism Led by Dr. Khalid Koser

Dr. Khalid Koser has been appointed Executive Director of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund ( GCERF ), the first global effort... read more

04.03.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Migration is Essential to Western Europe

Inaugural lecture by Ronald Skeldon, endowed professor of Human Geography "Migration is often seen as a problem. For Western Europe and most... read more

24.02.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Rethinking Development in Africa: New Innovation Policy Brief

After three decades of trial and error, innovation policy is taking off in Africa . Our new policy brief tracks the roll out of science,... read more

29.01.2015 • By United Nations University - MERIT

'Smart' Clean Tech: New Priorities for EU Business Innovation

Without smart factories Europe will lose more manufacturing jobs; without clean tech it will produce more waste; and without improving customer... read more

19.11.2014 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Empowering Disabled Children in Kazakhstan: New UNICEF Report

Disability is a global challenge, involving not just physical problems but also many social and integration issues. In 2012, around 1 billion... read more

21.10.2014 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Higher Education Mergers: Does Bigger Mean Better?

Within higher education, a popular way to cut costs and boost competitiveness is to merge institutions. Over the last few decades, Australia,... read more

30.09.2014 • By United Nations University - MERIT

Tracking International Innovation: New Research Paper

Innovation and “innovation indicators” are not part of the common lexicon. Not all researchers follow the same definitions, and the subject is... read more

30.09.2014 • By United Nations University - MERIT

China’s Science, Technology & Innovation Performance: New Research Report

China’s star is rising, particularly in science, technology and innovation (STI). Just a few years ago, the People’s Republic was mainly a... read more

26.09.2014 • By United Nations University - MERIT